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If you are looking for a versatile option for your house roofing, there is nothing better than metal. Metal can be cut or moulded into any shape and can be made to fit any roof. You can also choose any colour for your metal roof. Thus, you can provide your house with the outfit of your choice with top-grade metal roofing services from Cooper Roofing & Exteriors. If you are looking for quality metal roofing in Red Deer, we are the right choice for you. We have an experienced team equipped with the tools and knowledge to take up your project and deliver excellence.

When you choose our services, you can expect a commitment to the highest standards of quality and safety. Our team takes the time to understand the requirements of your commercial or residential property to provide you with bespoke metal roofing in Red Deer. Our focus is on offering hassle-free roofing services that enhance your value and functionality.

Please contact us if you'd like to learn more about our metal roofing in Red Deer. Besides this, we also work on siding.


Advantages of Metal Roofing


Aside from aesthetics, metal roofing also has many practical advantages. It is:


Metal roofs are as strong as you would want them to be. They can withstand all kinds of weather and can keep you safe.


The wear and tear on metal roofs aren’t as rigorous as other materials. Metal roofs can stand the test of time.


People often worry about leakage and moisture in their roofs, but metal roofs are completely waterproof, and unless there is visible physical damage, there is no way leakage could happen.


One of the best properties of metal roofs is that they are completely fireproof. The high melting point of metal ensures that fire accidents won’t harm your roof.

Wind Resistant

If you live in a windy area, constant wind can erode conventional roof surfaces but not metal roofs. They will stand firm in rain and storm.

Dent Resistant

Due to the strong and sturdy nature of metal, metal roofs are dent resistant. An average hailstorm will not cause dents or punctures on your roof.

Low Maintenance

Metal roofs are a one-time investment due to their overall durability. Even the maintenance cost associated with them is quite low.

Energy Efficient

Metal roofs can reflect heat back to the direction of its source, making them an energy-efficient option. In fact, good-quality metal roofing can help you save up to 40% on energy bills.

We serve both commercial as well as residential clients. Call us to discuss your requirements for metal roofing in Red Deer.

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Superior-quality Metal Roofing in Red Deer

Re-coating Your Metal Roof

Re-coating metal roofs is essential to protect them from rusting and deterioration. The coating acts as a sacrificial layer and grants extra life to your metal roof. Metal roofs expand and contract with temperature fluctuations, which causes the seams to open up and makes the roof prone to moisture damage. Re-coating helps in restoring the metal roof. It can help enhance the appearance and can also be done when you want to change the colour of the rooftop.

We also offer an elastomeric acrylic coating that acts as a shield and helps to protect the metal roofing system from ultraviolet (UV) radiation and ice and hail storms.

The coating quality and expertise in the installation are two crucial factors you should consider when hiring a roofing contractor in Red Deer. Inferior quality products can reduce the life expectancy of your roof system. Therefore, ensure to hire experienced professionals from Cooper Roofing & Exteriors for the metal coating of your roof.

Please note that we do not do metal installations and only provide metal coating services. For all your metal roofing projects in Red Deer, get in touch with us.

Does Pressure Washing a Metal Roof Help?

Pressure washing can be an effective method for cleaning a metal roof, as it can remove dirt, debris, and other buildup that may be affecting the appearance and performance of the roof. However, it is important to use caution when pressure washing a metal roof to avoid causing damage.

If too much pressure is applied or the pressure washing tool is held too close to the roof, it can cause dents or damage to the metal panels. High-pressure water can also force water under the panels, leading to leaks or other issues.

Therefore, it is recommended to hire a professional roofing contractor experienced in metal roofing in Red Deer to perform pressure washing. They will have the proper equipment and expertise to safely and effectively clean the roof without causing any damage.

Importance of Timely Maintenance of Metal Roofs

Metal roofs are popular for commercial and residential properties due to their durability, energy efficiency, and low maintenance requirements. However, like any other roofing material, metal roofing requires regular maintenance to ensure it stays in good condition and continues to provide the benefits it is known for.

Here are some of the key reasons why timely maintenance of metal roofs in Red Deer is important:

Prevents leaks and water damage: Metal roofs are susceptible to leaks, especially if they have loose or damaged panels or fasteners. Timely maintenance can help identify and repair these issues before they cause water damage to the roof deck, insulation, or other building components.

Extends roof lifespan: Regular maintenance can help prevent minor issues from turning into significant problems that could shorten the lifespan of your metal roof. With proper maintenance, a metal roof can last for up to 50 years or more.

Protects against corrosion: Exposure to the elements and environmental factors can cause corrosion on metal roofs over time. Regular maintenance, such as cleaning and coating, can help protect against corrosion and prolong the life of your metal roof.

Improves energy efficiency: A well-maintained metal roof can help improve energy efficiency by reflecting sunlight and reducing heat absorption. This can result in lower energy bills and a more comfortable indoor environment.

Enhances curb appeal: A well-maintained metal roof can enhance the curb appeal of your property, making it more attractive to potential buyers or tenants.

Overall, timely maintenance is essential for ensuring that your metal roof provides the protection, durability, and energy efficiency you expect. It is recommended to have a professional roofing contractor like Cooper Roofing & Exteriors inspect and maintain your metal roof at least once a year to ensure that it stays in good condition.

Maintenance Tips for Metal Roofing in Red Deer

Proper metal roof maintenance is essential to ensure its longevity and prevent any potential damage. Here are some maintenance tips from Cooper Roofing & Exteriors for metal roofs:

Regular Inspection: Inspect your metal roof regularly for any signs of damage or wear and tear. Look for any signs of rust, dents, or scratches, as well as loose or missing screws or fasteners. Any issues should be addressed promptly to prevent further damage.

Clear Debris: Clear any debris, such as leaves, twigs, or dirt, from your metal roof. Accumulated debris can trap moisture and cause damage to the roof over time.

Clean the Roof: Metal roofs can become dirty over time due to dust, debris, and pollution. Cleaning the roof regularly with a gentle cleaner can help prevent discoloration and buildup of grime.

Prevent Moss and Algae Growth: Moss and algae can grow on metal roofs in humid and damp conditions. This can cause discoloration and damage to the roof. Prevent their growth by installing zinc strips along the roof's ridges, which will release zinc that will inhibit moss and algae growth.

Trim Trees: Overhanging trees can scratch the surface of a metal roof and cause damage. Trim any branches that are close to or touching the roof to prevent damage.

Regular maintenance of your metal roof can prolong its lifespan and prevent any potential damage. If you notice any issues or are unsure how to maintain your metal roof, contact a professional roofing company like Cooper Roofing & Exteriors, which specializes in metal roofing in Red Deer, to assist you.

Get in Touch With Us for Metal Roofing in Red Deer

At our roofing company, we're always welcoming new clients. Our team can provide you with quick and efficient solutions regardless of whether you're a homeowner or a commercial property manager. There are many reasons to choose our services, such as:

Experience: Our years of experience have given us a deep understanding of the area's properties. We know what it takes to get the job done right the first time.

Efficiency: We strive to add value to your property. We carry out every job with complete attention to detail for enhanced efficiency.

Comprehensive services: Besides metal roofing in Red Deer, we provide a broad range of services. We understand every roofing requirement is unique, and we meet yours with personalized solutions.

Technology: We keep track of all the latest developments in the industry. Our team uses high-quality materials and equipment for long-lasting results.

Please contact us if you'd like us to assist you with metal roofing in Red Deer. We also offer U-Haul services.

Roofing Services

We back up our comprehensive roofing services with a 5-year workmanship warranty.

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We offer our services for all types of siding & exterior projects in Central Alberta.

Other Offerings

To complement our roofing work, we also offer infrared inspections & crane services.

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